Events & Display

Events and Display

Industry events, trade fairs and exhibitions are one of the most effective ways to reach your target market in a proactive and accessible way.  From public information and recruitment drives by services and public bodies, to small traders offering hand made products, to business-to-business networking, such occasions are an opportunity for your potential customers and partners to meet your representatives directly, ask questions, and pick up event promotional items which will communicate your message and provide contact details for further interaction.

With all this potential, commissioning suitable promotional items for events should be high on every PR director’s list of priorities.  For years, Storm Print and Design have been helping UK companies conceive the best event promotional items for their purposes, from display boards and banners to stickers and packaging.  We can help with every step of your marketing campaign, from design and conception to the manufacturing of large and small printed products.  When budgeting for event planning promotional items should not be taken lightly, as they can make a great impact when used effectively.

For example, many of us walk past posters and displays on the streets every day which make little impact on us, as we are not the target demographic.  But with promotional items for events, you will likely be able to reach a much higher concentration of potential customers – otherwise, why would they be there?  Having the right event promotional products can convert that interest into sales, publicity, or some other form of positive engagement.  Even those who would not usually enquire about your services may be drawn to your event promotional items simply because they wish to get the most out of the occasion.  This is when event promotional products come into their own.

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