Finishing Options

There are a variety of finishing options available that can be selected to suit the required look or the purpose of the printed item. See a breakdown of finishes below.

Lamination: Use lamination to add weight, thickness, durability and a quality feel to your print.

Perforation: This allows sections to be neatly and easily removed by the reader without the need of scissors. Any part of a printed item can be perforated and in just about any shape.

Spot UV: Creates an ultra-shiny gloss effect on the printed sheet in any shape or pattern required. It works by applying a special liquid to the sheet, which is then cured using UV light.

Re-moist Glue: This is often used to allow customers to seal a printed item they’ve received in the post, so that it can be returned with contents or private information. The glue itself is similar to that used on lick-to-seal envelopes.

Die-cut: This process uses a stamp-like tool to cut sheets into any shape required.

Fastenings: There are a wide range of fastenings available for fixing items into print. Some commonly used examples include: velcro dots, glue dots, CD studs and ball chains.

Drilling: Various sized holes can be drilled through any printed items. Often used as a cheap option for calendars that need to be hung or for leaves that need to be inserted into binders.

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