Sheet Paper Weights

Here’s an overview of the range of paper weights commonly found in commercial print, and their main uses.

The initials GSM stand for ‘grams per square meter’. This is the standard unit of measurement for the weight of paper and some other materials including banner PVC and clothing fabric.

70gsm: Low budget or large volume print runs of booklets or leaflets.

80gsm: In its uncoated form, this is the most common weight of office printer paper or note pad pages.

130gsm: Affordable yet decent quality leaflets and brochures.

170gsm: Popular weight for small runs of flyers and leaflets.

200gsm: Typical weight for posters.

250gsm: Stocks around or above the 250gsm threshold start to feel less like a paper and more like a board. This weight is suitable for folders and lower end business cards as well as higher quality leaflets and brochures.

300gsm – 400gsm: Used for higher quality/sturdier folders and business cards along with durable covers for booklets/brochures; also great for postcards or greetings cards.

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